Polyester Bowling Ball - Brunswick T Zone - UV Sunrise

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UV Sunrise T Zone - Orange, Purple and Black. 
Perfect as a beginner bowling ball to allow you to learn the game with a bowling ball that can be drilled to specifically fit your hand when measured and drilled by a professional shop. (We offer drilling onsite @ StrikeZone Proshop Romford, RM5 2BH) 
When progressing with the sport of bowling Polyester balls are generally used as a spare ball to pick up the pins left after your first shot.They have a very low hook potential so travel straight on the line that you bowl them on.  
This ball is either shipped new, undrilled or drilled with holes. The "yes" option under drilled below is for standard "House ball" drillings only if you require measured drilling please select drilled from the options and we can discuss a price for this.