Conspiracy Hybrid - Radical - Undrilled

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Radical Conspiracy Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

The Conspiracy Hybrid is the third entry into the Conspiracy line for Radical. It uses the same asymmetrical core shape as the previous two Conspiracy releases, and—like the Conspiracy Pearl—it features Brunswick’s DynamiCore filler material. The numbers for this release come in at 2.487″ for RG, 0.056″ for total differential, and 0.021″ for intermediate differential. The difference between this ball and the prior Conspiracies comes in the coverstock. This release uses the Forged 2 Hybrid cover that is finished with 500, 1000, and 3000 SiaAir pads. This coverstock and box finish combination places the Conspiracy Hybrid between the other two Conspiracies in total hook.

The Conspiracy and Conspiracy Pearl are great successes because of the ball motion and continuation through the pins. The Conspiracy Hybrid adds a combination of the solid and pearl motion to the line. The Conspiracy Hybrid uses the same Conspiracy core and wraps it with the Forged 2 Hybrid giving the Conspiracy Hybrid a breakpoint and ball motion that fits perfectly between the solid and the pearl.

The Conspiracy Hybrid utilizes the hard-hitting DynamiCore technology. DynamiCore increases the coefficient of restitution, pins move at a higher rate of speed and faster pin speed yields a higher strike percentage, creating more strikes on off hits.