Plugging and redrilling

You may be gifted a used bowling ball from someone else, maybe you purchase one online that is pre-owned or you have a ball that you have used for a while but it doesn't give you the reaction that you require now or would like from the ball. 

All is not lost ! You can bring the ball in to us at the pro-shop in Romford, Essex or alternatively you can courier the bowling ball to us via the many courier services available (our favourite is ipostparcels) this would save you a long trip twice as we can work on the bowling ball and professionally fill the holes and re-finish the bowling ball ready to be expertly measured and re-drilled to your specific needs in a 60 minute pre booked appointment at your convenience. 

We measure your hand span, spend as long as required with you on the lanes prior to drilling the bowling ball to obtain your "PAP" (Positive Axis Point) using all of the latest fitting and information gathering techniques to ensure that we tailor the bowling ball to your requirements giving us a more educated fitting service. 

All of this great service is priced at just £35.00 including the full re-drilling service and using fixed thumb slugs, IT interchangeable bases or Turbo interchangeable sleeves. 

To book appointments or to enquire for more details please e-mail with the subject line "Plugging"