We have a professional Haus resurfacing machine which uses diamond cutting wheels to skim off a thin layer of the outer surface of the bowling ball which will help remove any minor small scratches / surface damage to the bowling ball. 

Light scratches, wood tracking from using the ball on wooden lanes will be removed but this will not guarantee the return to a completely damage free surface of the bowling ball. 

We also have a bowling ball safe oven which will remove deep soaked in oil from the ball to return the bowling ball to a tacky feeling surface like when it was new, out of the box. This combined with the resurfacing machine is an awesome 1-2 punch to renew the bowling balls hook potential and give a new lease of life to a favourite bowling ball that you are not ready to replace yet. 

We offer the ability for this service via courier with free courier return to you included in the price !! 

(You need to deliver or courier the ball to us - we recommend ipostparcels

All including return courier for £45.00 - email us to arrange and for more details or any questions.