As a fully stocked and functional tenpin bowling proshop we offer all services that you would expect to see not limited to; 

Professional fitting service, performance fit check, grip check, ball resurfacing, ball maintenance, plugging and re-drilling, repairs etc. 

We have a new Haus professional resurfacing machine to bring damaged, tired and well used bowling balls back into optimum condition by skimming the surface layer of coverstock off, rejuvenating the ball and extending its life. Ideal for your favourite ball to keep it in your bag or an added burst of life before a big event. 

Please see link for an idea of what it does; 

Couple this with our specialist bowling ball oven to remove oil that has soaked into your ball through normal use, this is impossible to properly and safely remove without the use of this specialist piece of kit. Bringing increased hook potential to older bowling balls, returning newer balls to "out of the box" reaction. Oil absorption happens each and every time that you bowl due to the porous composition of the coverstock of the bowling ball to enable it to have enhanced hook potential.