Abralon Pads - Surface Management

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Abralon pads are widely used in ten-pin bowling to return aggressive bowling balls back to a dull finish. They can also be used to gain extra length or a smoother reaction of the ball down lane by using a higher grit number pad. For example if you have a 1000 Grit ball that hooks too hard or too early then you could sand it with 2000 or 3000 to smoothen the reaction and add some length. 

  • P500 - Aggressive reaction, early rolling
  • P1000 - Later reacting than 500, most widely used
  • P2000 - Later reacting than 1000, used to smoothen reactions out
  • P3000 - Later reacting than 2000, used mostly on pearlised balls when a little more traction is required than a fresh shiny finish.