Vise Inserts Dual Oval & Power Lift

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The Vise Power Lift/ Oval inserts are reversible and available from us in White, Black or Yellow. To find out the size that you require it is embossed inside the grip which you will be able to see by tilting your ball in the light or using a torch and shining it inside the finger hole. Alternatively remove the grips from the holes first before ordering from us as the sizes are also embossed on the outside of the grips. They have an oval shape at one end of the insert and have a 1/4" forward power lift lip at the other end which will help give you lift on the ball and help to increase revolution potential. All sizes up to 13/16 have 31/32" outside diameter. Sizes 27/32" and above have 1 1/32" outside diameter.

These can be easily removed from your ball using a screwdriver, prising down at the back, front and the sides where the glue is normally placed. Use the screwdriver to remove and large pieces of debris left attached to the inside of the finger hole and use the strip of abralon included with the grips to smoothen out any glue residue inside the hole to ensure that the grips feel good when replaced. Insert the grips into the holes and apply a very small amount of glue at the front, back and sides of the grip (only the front if you use "Vaccy" grips) then use a sharp Stanley blade to trim flat any excess grip left protruding from the hole. 

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